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London Escort

Welcome to Chic London Escorts, our newly established escort agency based in the heart of the city of London.We pride ourselves at Chic London Escorts, here’s

Attentive Chic London escorts
All with genuine photos and a detailed description describing the individual persona of each girl.
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Here at Chic London Escorts we strive to provide an efficient,honest and reliable approach. The evidence of this is based on our plethora of satisfied clients who continue to return; either to book the same escort or to choose one of our other stunning London escorts, we at Chic London Escorts are very proud of this.

We carefully select each escort to ensure they are right for our agency and of a high class variety. Chic London Escorts have a reputation for good service and we will do anything to protect that.
To ensure Chic London Escorts maintains these standards, each escort available is meticulously sourced from a number of London based applicants, meaning we can give our clients a true taste of what high class London escorts should be.

At Chic London Escorts we know that when you book an escort you do not always have the time to book in advance or wait ages for one to turn up so Chic London Escorts a have a special service for all London bookings, whereby we can have an escort to your door in 30 minutes from when you call.

Please take the time to peruse our escort galleries and to read the ladies profiles to find the escort that caters to your taste and needs.
We are confident that after your first booking with Chic London Escorts, you will never need to book from another escort agency again.

Spice up your business travel with London escorts

With the rapid globalization of business activities corporate executives need to travel extensively around the world for their work requirements such as, meetings, conferences, seminars and various other types of interactions. Since business activities have become more regular in their character, it is quite significant that they should never seem boring or as any sort of a work burden. But still sometimes the hectic work schedule and stress takes a toll on us.

With the work stress escalating everyday, it is not at all surprising that you may feel overwhelmed and overburdened. You need to relax more often but your work schedule doesn’t allow you to do so. One of the best things you can do is to hire a hot and sexy London escort. They will accompany you on a romantic dinner which will temporarily allow you to forget your business affairs and make your life happier again.

The appealing personality, intelligence and the pleasing attitude of beautiful London escorts is what makes their company highly pleasurable in several ways. They are your best companion to any business meeting or corporate conferences where you feel the need of someone to keep up your cheerful spirits.

London escorts are well trained to attend corporate parties and can charm everyone with their courteous manners and dining etiquettes. They are well trained to carry on interactions, attending parties and accompanying the business meets in highly professional style. This is what makes them a dignified and interesting company altogether.

Better quality of life is one of the biggest benefits you will derive from the company of beautiful female escorts. They are highly professional girls and they definitely know how to keep you in good humour even in the most stressful situations. They will provide you quality time that never seems to feature any kind of work stress and keep you charged up. They will schedule your timings in a way by which you can achieve absolute balance of work and enjoyment in the most desired and sought after fashion.

London escort girls are well known for their unique traits which is well reflected in their physical beauty and elegance along with the warm attitude and high confidence. What else can be more interesting than exploring the vibrant and lively city of London with the captivating beauties? Your trip to London will be interesting and serves you with the delightful ecstasy of some pleasurable enjoyment in the beautiful company of stunning escort girls.

The trend of female escort accompanying corporate executives is on the upswing. You can find London escort agency on the internet and you just need to browse through the different pages of the website to view the detailed profile of beautiful girls. Finally, you can choose the one that is gorgeous as well as shares your passion and interests. In the end, you just need to notify the escort agency and the escort will arrive at the destination specified by you. If you too are a corporate traveler and visiting London, it is high time to utilize the services of beautiful London escorts.

Beat the Blues

Nobody likes to be down in the dumps. It can drain your energy, and make things that normally make you happy seem mundane and uninteresting. A negative outlook can actually change the outcome of things, so it's important to keep positive attitude to make things go your way.
People get the blues for many different reasons.

It could be something bad that has happened in your personal life; the break up of a relationship, the death of a friend or relative. Perhaps you've recently lost your job, are struggling with your work load or have run into financial difficulties. For some, it is not the circumstances but hormone imbalances that make them feel low and depressed. In minor cases, this can often be combated with a change of scenery, a boost of adrenaline or a fun activity. For more serious cases of depression, it can be necessary to see a therapist and see if medication is needed.

If you've had the blues lately, there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up. During these winter months, it's more common to feel gloomy. Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that affects many of us to some extent; why not take a winter break in the sunshine to lift your mood? Not only will the sun warm your shackles, but the change in scenery and break in routine could be just what you need to put a smile on your face. It doesn't have to be long or expensive; even a long weekend will take you out of that monotony and allow you to view things with a fresh perspective.

Perhaps you need something to motivate you and give you a new focus. If you're not already a member of a gym, this can be a great way to find a new social circle, and give you new goals to concentrate on. If you look better, you will feel better about yourself. It will boost your confidence, and make you feel more energetic. It has been proven that exercise releases endorphins into your body, otherwise known as the 'happy hormone'. You'll feel on top of the world before you know it!

It could be that something fresh and exciting with kick start you to beat the blues. A simple way of doing this is by spending time with gorgeous London escorts; they will take your mind off any problems that are bothering you, make you feel good about yourself and leave you feeling excited about life. With agencies like V London

Share London Escorts Experience

If you are someone who likes meeting new people, doing new things and enjoy life, then London is your city. Dynamic, passionate and loving life, London escorts offer you more than just another experience. Private sessions, dates and secret encounters, incall and outcall services are all available. Hourly rates, multiple hour sessions, overnights and even longer-stays, trips or vacations can be customized.

Charmingly seductive, young and beautiful London escort ladies await your discovery. Sensational and unforgettable escort models will tease, enjoy and help you make the most of your stay. There are numerous highly talented and skilled escorts in London at your disposal, mostly nights and weekends. Attentive and self-confident these highly professional ladies are full-time or part-time pleasure-seekers and experts, at your beck and call. We are increasingly living in an empowered society, on-demand and fast-paced, leaving it up to many to take control of their pleasure ad indulgences.

Hot escorts online

Escort business is ascending higher day by day. Thanks to the advent of internet, it has become very easy now to search for escort websites online. Thousands of sites related to escort agencies are regularly catering to the needs of their clients online. Whatever be the demands and requirements of the customers, these agencies very well know how to fulfill their expectations and also to retain them for a longer period of time.

Several escort agencies operate online today. All of them promise to deliver high class service to the client. However, not all escort agencies are genuine and capable of meeting the needs of the customer. It is possible that you pay up more than what you get and this will only result into more frustration on your part. So, it is wise to check the reputation of the escort agency in this business, like, whether it is a genuine agency and has an authentic website online. How’s their conduct with their customer. Because, many a times, it happens that the agency or a particular escort that you have booked might not behave well as far as their charges are concerned and this may create possibilities for unwanted tensions and disputes.

While zeroing on an escort agency, browse their site thoroughly. Check for the information that has been provided about the agency and the specific escorts in detail. Read the blogs or testimonials provided by the client. This will give you a fair idea of what the repute of that agency is, in the market. If possible contact your friends or people who have already hired the services of the agency from which, you wish to book an escort. Also, at the time of booking an escort, ask for references if possible. Sensibly dealing with an escort agency will anytime benefit you.
Never show haste while booking an escort. Take your time to research over your thought of hiring an escort. It pays to be rational in terms of spending money to seek the right kind of escort services. Escort agencies that are really genuine are concerned with customer satisfaction and delight. They provide you services that are in sync with the charges that they offer. Usually, the escort girls from these agencies are well-groomed and can carry themselves elegantly as well as efficiently in any social situation. Also, they are well-informed about their profession and understand the needs of their clients very well. They won’t let you down and help you maintain your prestige and esteem.

A few good escort sites can help you get the best of escorts available online. There are some escort agencies which have their sites providing hot escorts online. You can have the most pleasurable moments in your life from a good and understanding escort. So, take out time and make a thorough research before choosing your escort. After all you deserve to get the best bargains for your money.

The Thirty Minute Wonder Man

Uknown to him, I think of him as the Thirty Minute Wonder Man. And not for the reasons he'd like to imagine! We have this routine. He phones. I pick it up and greet him like I greet every one else. He says he'd like to see me. It is normally for later the same day, early evening. We agree on a time and then I ask him what kind of session and how long for. Then he asks how much for a half hour appointment. I tell him the half hour option is only available to clients I've seen before.

And this is when he'll say, yes, we have met before. I'm sceptical as I've had guys insist they've seen me before (a man with a thick accent, could have been Indian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan, insisted that the last time we'd met I'd only charged him £20. I put the phone down on him before he could utter another lie.). Then he'll insist he has seen me before and give a quick synopsis of who he is. Then I realise he is right, but why did he not say so in the first place and for the umpteent time I'll rebuke him for wasting both our times. He knows exactly where the conversation is going to go and still he insists on that farce of not politely introducing himself. But fair's fair, as a returning client, he does qualify for a thirty minute booking.

He once talked me into allowing him over for a fifteen minute quickie. This option is popular on Adultwork. I vowed, never again. I could see he was relaxing and preparing to extend the fifteen minutes for as long as he could. Because it's not that he's short on time. He's just short on money. And even that I question. He rolls up in a very nice car and is always well dressed. I see him as a stingy miser (if he is reading this he will probably laugh and agree with me). Which is why I get pretty short with him when he's clearly trying to push for the extra time he's not paid for. Which is every time he visits.

On his last but one visit, he was saying how much he'd like to have anal sex with me as my arse, he believed, was built for it. He was sure I'd love it. At the time, I wasn't offering anal sex and refused robustly. He has also asked repeatedly when he could come to spend the night with me. I tried not to scoff out loud the first time he brought it up. He made it sound like an uphill task to raise the funds for a half hour. An overnight booking? I did say bluntly that he'd never be willing to pay me my over-night rate. He said he knew I liked him and I'd be glad to have him over for the night. I really hoped he was saying this tongue in cheek, but I sometimes get a nasty suspicion that he believes it himself.

He repeated the same line of logic yesterday when he phoned. We went through the usual charade. On this occasion, the Thirty Minute Wonder wanted to know the cost of a fifteen minute session. I told him this was out of the question. He said he'd go check if he had enough for the half hour.

"Should I, in that case", I asked, "assume the 7 pm booking was cancelled unless I hear back from you?"

Yes, he said. So it was annoying that he phoned at about 20 minute to 7 pm, expecting I'd say he could come over for the half hour booking. At this point, I had other plans and was about to go out with a friend.

"I assumed you hadn't raised the money," I shrugged. He'd been holding out until the last minute to see if he'd feel horny enough to want to spend the money. Clearly he did.
Then, feeling mischievous, I reminded him about his frequently expressed anal sex wish-list. I told him I was now offering anal sex, although he'd never qualify since I only offer it for appointments of 90 minutes and over, significantly above what he was prepared to spend.

His tone changed. He couldn't believe his ears. He immediately began negotiating, which I hate.
"I tell you what", he said, "I'll book you for 90 minutes but pay you £120. I know you really like me," he repeated.

I stood my ground. Words are not legal tender. The prospect of him realisng his anal desires on me now had him too hard to think.

"Okay, I'll get the money together and be in touch soon."

I put the phone down and shook my head in dismay. My friend, who'd sat quietly in the background and could follow the dialogue based on my responses was laughing. I think the part he'd found particularly funny was when, in response to being asked if he'd be able to "put it all in", I'd responded that we were hardly going to draw a boundary line in chalk across his dick and say, go no further than that point.

I wonder what his next move will be. He's the kind of client one has to keep an eye on and politely show the door when his time is up. Otherwise he convinces himself that there's something special about him that allows him to get what others don't, hence his conviction that I like him and allow him special concessions. So I suspect that he'll be in touch again soon, insisting on the privileges that he was not born to.

I would sooner allow a one hour escort booking to over-run by an average of ten minutes than allow a 30 minute punt to over-run by one minute. My manner is different with the 30 minute bookings. I'm very to the point with the client. A cup of tea or coffee isn't likely to be offered at the beginning. I don't want to be accused of stalling when he realises how swiftly 30 minutes run by he blames the fact that he had to wait for tea to cool down. Nor do I offer a cold drink or a beer at that "thirsty" point after the first, and sometimes the only, round of sex. I'll offer to join the client in the shower with the hour booking. But this can't be done with the half hour where a shared shower can't be relaxed foreplay.

Some guys really do hope that the half hour will be elastic. That's not fair on me and not fair on the gentleman that's forked out for the full hour and respected the time boundaries.
As a rule, I reserve half hour bookings for returning clients that I know aren't chancers. Occasionally, there'll be a half hour first timer who really hasn't got the time for the full hour and is as eager as I to stick to the agreed time. With those guys, I always feel that it's been a win-win situation, without any unpleasantness from the guy that thought he'd see how far he could stretch 30 minutes.

London Escort Ladies are 100% PRO

London escorts services are giving a change to everyone to have a good night fun! Any one even with the most demanding taste will be happy to call out for am escort lady working in one of the elite agencies of London. Not only intimate relations but companionship and psychology services are at clients please.

In London you can realize your wildest dreams and fantasies as escort ladies are looking for new intimate experience and are always ready to try something new. But even when experimenting or playing roles in clients’ games these escort models will always be the pros providing high class services and making clients remember each minute of the evening.

Besides entertainment escort ladies are good at companionship i.e. elite escort agencies provides girls especially trained for it: they are perfect for negotiation sessions, business trips, partners meeting and any other business like occasions.

When being abroad only these ladies can give you the feeling of warmth and comfort, support you when you need a help during the meetings or negotiations. Elite escorts are not only the intimate: psychology and compassion is a great part of the services provided by escort ladies in London.

London Escorts: Retrospective Sketch

London escorts is a theme which is simple and complicated at one time. Escorts incorporated in the modern industry of entertainment and pastime on the one hand and escorts as an object of historic research on the other hand represent two phenomena similar and so different at a time. Industry of entertainment is built on the principles of generating of desires where a demand is created artificially, that later on satisfied by the supply. The modern production line of generation of desires is powerful and many-sided and include filmmaking, with multibillion budgets and turnovers, mass media, particularly TV that set the fashion and style of life. A modern man in this aspect is just a derivation of the work of these giants.

Escort services as only yesterday half legal and today legal part of this huge entertainment industry is a form of a very old trade with a long history, history ambiguous and contradictory. London escorts who appeared at the time of London foundation could be considered not as a unique phenomenon but as general model of development of morals and manners. London escorts were initially subject to persecution, then enjoyed some tolerance and ultimately declared legal.

Pretty Women In London

The art of escort really exists: it can be proved by the fact that a half-million pounds will be paid for divorce — a bank top manager and a young escort lady from Slovakia working in call-girls.
Pretty Escort

Having ordered escort services the 35-year-old London top manager has fallen in love from the first glance and decided to marry at once. But reality is different from what we think of it: it is not a happy ending story of a “Beauty” with cine love July Roberts and Richard Gere.
It appeared that this young lady is married and work in escorts to earn additionally. Her husband is against divorce. But for the true loving top manager it is not an obstacle: he convinced this escort lady to sue for divorce and even suggested to pay for it a half-million pounds.

However the escort girl husband — 67-year-old retired businessman from Coventry has refused to agree for the divorce. After all the lady working in London escort agency is not in love with the manager but only for the profit: several days after the first meeting she has received a diamond ring in cost of 5 thousand pounds, a handbag for 1,5 thousand and 3,5 thousand cash.
The top manager was born in France but has shown special talents in bank field and was appointed operating director. Friends asserted that despite the job he is a romanticist inside and he has a heart of gold. The judge has decided to take a time-out during which time of the party should try to find a way out.

How did I start become an escort

A few months ago I received an email from a beautiful young lady in Frankfurt, Germany. Her name was Sandra. She liked the idea of working as an escort, the same as you may be, if you are reading this. She found me by simply typing the words escort services into a Google search. She found my website and wrote an email to me. In the email she asked how I can her help to set up her online escort business. In the past I had received some similar emails but I simply ignored them. Up until that point. This time though, I thought about how I could help. I began thinking I could maybe provide space on my website.

I asked Sandra to provide some pictures for her profile click to see Sandra profile. She provided me with 4 pictures and I wrote a small article for her, about 300 words and from this I created her very own profile page. This small page made her a proper online escort, with a webpage. Where she could post pictures, update her profile section and add story’s etc. But to be honest, having your own webpage doesn’t mean success overnight. The competition is big on the internet. So if you website isn’t on the first page in Google, for your targeted keywords, there is little chance you will receive a lot of business from it.

Sandra is located in Frankfurt which is in Germany. So for the keywords, in Google “Frankfurt escort services”, one of my websites is in 3rd position. For “Frankfurt brothels” the same website is in 1st position. And for “Frankfurt prostitution” it is in 4th position. The page targeting these keywords receives approximately 371 visitors per month. That’s 371 people, potentially looking for escort services in Frankfurt, visiting my website each and every month. As an escort, she easily makes sales so business is significantly improved. I provide her with text ads and place them in the body of the article mentioned above (with 371 visitors monthly) click to see her ads. She purchased one month’s advertising for which I charged 15 Euros. In the first week she received more then 15 emails and she received 4 paying customers as a result.

Fortunately, Frankfurt has a big airport with people flying from all over the world, often changing flights. Many wait overnight for the next plane. Many of them book into a hotel. Many may book an escort for their stay in Frankfurt. And because of Sandra’s clear visibility on my websites, this is exactly the kind of customer she can, has and does receive. An example: She arranged to meet 2 clients via email 2 days before they arrived in Frankfurt. She spent 4.5 hour with one of them, making 400 Euros and 5 hours with another man, making another 450 Euros. Plus, she made 2 more sales with local guys. 1 hour each which made her 250 Euros. All together she made 1100 euros in the first week (11.5 hours work). Good money hey.

I know in Frankfurt there are plenty of ladies making much more money per week. But business will only keep improving and she will be very comfortable with the money she makes. All her clients were foreign, mainly English speaking. The 2 on business trips were American and the others were from elsewhere. My website is in English and most of the readers are English speaking. Just think!! If the Norwegian man is going to Prague in the Czech Republic, he is searching Google in English language for “escort services Prague” or “Prague escort”. English is now an international language, so many people going abroad search the internet in English.

What Women Want?

Women want men who know what they want from them! The majority of males do not know. They care about the women’ satisfaction, care about their feelings: how do not harm girls. Frankly speaking men behave in bed with women even more uncertain than during the first date. They are afraid to use the women for pleasure.
The formula is very simple: go for the pleasure at the date to satisfy women and use girls for pleasure in bed. Men - by nature could satisfy women. A woman - by nature could please man in bed, but most of females in bed primarily worry about male’s orgasm.

When a woman is concerned about her orgasm, it says only that she is not interested in man at all. Physical orgasm - something purely physiological. Excitement - a psychological thing. You can get an orgasm, but not enjoy or you can have fun but do not achieve an orgasm.

In order to bring pleasure to a woman in bed you should act like on a date and to focus on her emotions. To please her you should not seek for her orgasm as when a man tends to her orgasm he focuses on the physiology. To bring pleasure to a woman in bed - just relax and take her as you want. Do not think about how it would be nicer! Do what you want!
Women like to belong by nature. But to realize it men should try an experienced partner. The best choice is to call for an escort services and to meet with high class escort lady, who is professionally trained to give pleasures and to entertain men. Hundreds of escort shows and private party services are available for all cost levels.

London Escorts on Holidays

London seems to become the escorts Mecca for the tourists from Saudi Arabia and Gulf States: thousands of them are coming each year to the UK in order to grab intimate entertainments they lack home.

More and more tourists from these countries come to London “on a vacation” as escorts industry allow them to relax, forget on the present about rigid realities and restrictions of the Islamic world. London Escort

British escort ladies are well known for some ease of behaviour, good appearance and the European habits. Tourists from Saudi Arabia are dragged into the industry and enjoy the weather, meal, services and the most beautiful model girls they have ever seen.

The hottest tourist attraction in London is the area of Red Lanterns: numerous stripteases-clubs and escort mansion where everyone can find ladies from all over Europe. Night with such girls costs not less than 1.000 pounds as you can find a girls of any origin and any dimensions.